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Version March 2000
Topic tablet: an example
This is just a first example, I hope to 'refine' this more and more with your help.

~S~ Topic tablet
version 200003
Broad subject (quarry)
improving my www-searching capabilities
Unique words
advanced web-searching techniques
Synonims and variants
web search*
expert net-seeking strategies
efficient searching advices
searching ~ hints / how-to / tips
focussed crawling
advanced information retrieval
resource discovery
sew (search engines watch)
sphinx (site specific personalized crawler)
trec (text retrieval conference)
Words likely to be present
in any document
document*; information;
result*; evaluat*; "search engine*"
Fixed strings
"data mining"; "search engine*"
"information retrieval"
Irrelevant & extraneous
sex; tits; teens; "make money";
Broader topics
indexing; filtering; "electronic databases"
Extra, special for this query
"search engine*"

Judge by yourself a couple of simple attempts... as you'll see, to begin with you just use the SIMPLE Altavista search form...

[First try]
+"web-search*", find, advanced, retrieval, "net-seeking", crawling, resources

[Second try]
+"search engine*", +search*, tips, techniques, "finding pages", results, efficient
I'll add more complex examples asap, you may send and contribute as well, ya know...
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