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Removing banners and pop up's
by +tsehp
June 1999

Removing banners and pop up's

Well this time the purpose of this essay is not to teach you a great reversing lesson, because the protection of this program took me 5 minutes To remove, but to introduce you to download this great program. The link : It simply removes all the adds and annoying pop up windows when you surf, and it works on m$ie and opera !

I invite you to download it (adsOff), remove the protection and then pay for this great program, they need a reward for a great effort!

Tools needed : Softice 3.2x
An ugly web page full of ads and pop ups, like the ones you find when you search smut sites' protections, or even when you go to my own fravia mirror. My poor mirror is victim of a pop up window on every page ! And if I am too lazy to prepare an ad hoc javascript to remove it... well this program will remove it by itself.

Lets's start :

Try to register, bpx to messageboxa, you land just after the call.

Look up, you will find at
402d20 Jnz 402d8d *Bad guy.

Well just nop this silly jnz and that's it: target is regged and fully fonctioning.
When you'll start it again, it will not even check that the pass you gave was bad, it must have written a registered flag somewhere...
(a most stupid protection, in fact).

The major purpose of this essay is NOT to give you a cracked little program: it is to beg you to spread this link (and target) to all your friends, after having used it. In my opinion anyone should use this program! I sincerely hope that his programmer will get at least a part of the registration money he deserves, even if I fear that many will not pay for it, I'm sure that the simple fact of spreading it all over the web will increase its popularity quite a lot! Imagine if everyone had this prog, the web could change considerably!

See ya !


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