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Linux day

Linux day, but I wont speak much about Linux

A windozian reverser @ the Linuxday

Please be patient: my english is not the best around. I even wondered if I should have held this workshop in Italian, that according to some friends I speak slightly better than english :-(
I'll decide on the spot, in Milan, after having seen the visages of the people listening to me.

Ok, let's begin.
First of all: I'm not a real Linux buff. I was *nix oriented eons ago, but I have reversed windows software for so many years, now, that I am much more familiar with windozes 'guts' than with Linux reversing. Web-teachers of mine told me a long time ago that we must spread knowledge where the fishes are, and as a matter of fact, like it or not, until recently the zombified masses of PC users of this planet seemed to love windows and dislike Linux.
Fortunately this is changing more and more: a lotta zombies are now springing onto the Linux bandwagon as well. Equity approaches.

Windows comes now in so many flavours (95, 98, NT, ME, 2000poor, 2000rich) that even idiots get scared. Drivers problems in windoze are nowaday even worse than those encountered among the different distributions of Linux.

Anyway the operating system you use is relatively irrelevant when searching the web.
Admittedly Linux offers a more stabile platform and better control possibilities about malwares (software that spyes your habits, a very widespread pest in windows), and you should use Linux - by all means - but some powerful reversing and searching tools are windoze's oriented (to say the least), and ignoring this when mining data would be a serious mistake.

To-day I'm going to chat with you about some 'websearching techniques' that can help you to find what you are looking for, and that will allow you to find - also - what you are not (yet) looking for.

I also want to underline the cosmic power that software reverse engineering can give you. Therefore I will close this workshop demonstrating a simple technique to get rid of advertisement banners planted inside software (using webferret as an example). Since this approach does not require any particular software reversing skill, and can thus be applied by anyone with eggplant level brain, it should put a nice stop to a pestering habit (and billion dollars industry) that utterly annoys me.

But first of all you must understand the dimension of the problem that web-searchers have to face: proceed to the growth of the web

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