How do you say "search engine" in other languages?
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Language Translation Literal Translation
Afrikaans Soekenjin
Search engine
Search station
Sniff directory
Arabic Moherk Baheth
Moharrek al-bahth (classical)
Moaleg al-bahth
Search engine
Engine [of] the search
Processor [of] the search
Belarussian Onxsjnb` L`x{m` Search engine
Czech Vyhledavac Searcher
Danish Sxgemaskine Search machine
Dutch Zoekmachines Search machines
Esperanto Serc^ilo Searcher or search tool
Finnish Hakukone
Search engine
Search engines
French Moteurs de recherche
Engin de recherche
Outils de recherche
Search engines
Search engines
Search tools
Metasearch engine
German Suchmaschinen Search machines
Hebrew Manoa Khipus
Manoey Khipus
Hungarian  kerest search engine
Icelandic Leitarvil Search engine
Italian Motore di ricerca Motor of research
Norwegian Sxkemotor Search engine
Polish Wyszukiwarka Searcheress
Portuguese Motores de busca
Ferramentas de procura
Search engines
Search tools
Mecanismos de Busca Engines of Search
Romanian Motor de cautare
Motoare de cautare
Search engine
Search engines
Russian Poiskovaya Mashina
Poiskovaya Sistema
Onhqjnb` L`xhm`
Search machine
Search System
Search engine
Slovak Vyhladavac Searcher
Slovenian  iskalnik Searcher
Spanish Buscador
Motores de bzsqueda
Search engine
Motors of searching
metasearch engine
Swedish Svkmotorer Search engines
Turkish Arama Motoru Search Engine


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