to basic
Common knowledge tips
by FiatLux
Courtesy of Fravia's ~ February 2000

Fravia, here are some FAQs(essays) I have made on various subjects. I am sending them to you in hope you find them useful, and include them on your new site. Plase feel free to modify them any way you want, I hope they are to your liking. My email is wetware_66(at)hotmail(dot)com. I know its silly to use hotmail as email, but I made it long time ago
~S~ FiatLux

  1. Tips on cleaning and tweaking Windoze

  2. Introducing IP (Internet Protocol) Explains about IP and how it can point right at you and your location

  3. What's a proxy and how to use it to surf anonymously -Proxies, firewalls, where to find proxies and check them, other proxy related soft and ANON Remailers

  4. Examples on how to set a proxy for different browsers

  5. The secret life of your web browser revealed! Explains how Browsers betray you by sending out tons of info without your permition and what you can do about it

  6. You didn't know you were being marked, did you? Explains what the GUIDs(Unique Global Identification Numbers) are and points a few places where they can be found inside Windoze

  7. Making a virtual drive using your RAM memory is an excelent way of keeping your HD clean!

  8. Why you shouldn't use Internet Explorer

  9. What are RFCs and how to use them to Explains much more about the Net

  10. a small FAQ on how to use Opera

  11. This guy is so clever. He shows a way of IP logging by using the holes in CGI scripts