The Ongoing Proactive fight for your box
Ad's Suck! And Spyware sucks too...
removing banners
Removing banners
September 2000
Courtesy of Fravia's
"I found out where my box was going... I was pissed!", writes XXXX, and indeed, as many current discussions (inter alia on the warez discussion thread) attest, more and more people are disgusted by the ruthless violations of all privacy by wannabies programmers and their malwares. This is an interesting small essay, especially because it delivers a very nice HOSTS file, that you can immediately use (with great profit, eheh :-)
I'll take this opportunity to note here a most recent finding: a new french service: seems to offer now the first (afaikj) free access to the web WITHOUT any advertisement whatsoever.
A great idea, that deserves to be spread and that I hope will make waves. Of course this service has been prontly boicotted by the tv-chains and all other commercial bastards, who have refused to advertise an anti-advertisement system :-)
There is a crack, a crack in everything That's how the light gets in
Yada Yada
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What a pain in the ass!
The Ongoing Proactive fight for your box

Ad's Suck! And Spyware sucks too...

Written by XXXX


Ad's Suck! And... Spyware sucks too. So get Pro-Active, because nobody is going to help you fend your box off from these lower life forms.
Tools required

Target's URL/FTP

target: Tsadbot & Aurate and @guard rules. urls: HAHAHAH! Shea Right...
Program History

Steve is a talented programmer no question, I have a friend that knows him personally. HOWEVER, It upsets me that Steve is going ahead and going to make optout Cinderella on us. Here's my answer.
It's been my answer since BEFORE optout existed. I have since added to this. This kills Tsadbot and Aurate's port connections for me. The heart of this is just plain old DOS commands. You could do the whole thing manually, but why?

Regarding the running of software...
Generally anything with a 2000 on it; to me. sux. I use older stuff. I don't upgrade.
I don't run m$ie, if a program requires m$ie, I don't run it.
There are plenty of other things that will do the same job if you look around, or you can LIE to the system and make it think IE is installed. I use 98lite Freeware( and ROM II (which is getting harder to find now!! However, it's still out there though...) I have a giant friggin hosts file based on the original one from +F's site. However at the end there is much more to ad (pun intended) The new HOSTS file came from

I will include my hosts file anyway since links tend to disappear. I am always searching for new anonymous proxies. I use an @guard software based firewall for my wintel box. I use a blackice for stealth. I disabled port 139. I don't yet trust ZoneAlarm.........

Sometime after the using this batchfile method, I came across some rules for @guard, they're redundant, but everything helps in our fight...

You are going to have to know some DOS. Just read. This goes off the "0 byte file" or "directory with
same name principle."

rem c:\ = my windows drive
rem c:\z = my windows directory
rem c:\z\system = my windows system

md tsadbot.exe

cd \z
deltree /y TEMP
deltree /y Recent
deltree /y Temporary Internet Files
echo 1 >Recent

rem There is a registry hack for moving the Recent aka History aka Documents 
rem to the Recycle Bin - Search for it 

echo 1 >Temporary Internet Files
echo 1 >Favorites
md advert203.ocx
md advertx.ocx
md amc
md amcis.dll

cd \system
echo 1 >amc
echo 1 >adcache
md adimaglce.dll
md advert.dll
md advpack.dll
md amcis.dll
md amcis2.dll
md amcompat.tlb
md amstream.dll
md anadsc.ocx
md anadscb.ocx
md htmdeng.exe
md ipclient.dll
md msipcsv.exe
md tfde.dll

cd \Program Files
rem you could just rename this very file to "TimeSink"
rem and copy it to your \Program Files root dir.
echo 1 > TimeSink

rem you need to get unix command line tools 
rem (hell just install linux...

rem or search.... they're out there probably on Simtel
rem I keep all the batchfiles and tools like this in a
rem directory in the path. For Example C:\x 
rem and I keep the path *SHORT*

rm *.*
rm -r c:\z\TEMP

That's it for the DOS part, there are some rules that
surfaced for @guard (sorry I do not remember the original 
sources for everything)

Spyware & AT-Guard

1.Add firewall rule:

Name: Aureate
Action: Block
Direction: Outbound
Protocol: TCP or UDP

Any application
Remote service:
port 1749
Local service:
port 1749
Address: any address
Logging: as required

2. In the Firewall tab move this new rule to the verytop

3. Add the following firewall rules:


Name: as above for each
Action: Block
Direction: Outbound
Protocol: TCP or UDP

Aplication shown above. name as shown above (no path)
Any service Any address
Logging as required

Then move each rule to the top of the list.

The LAST Rule (At the bottom of the list)
I made was ALL OTHERS
TCP or UDP in Either Direction.


Just wait till you see this "hosts" file, 
Courtesy of

XXXX's (teampowerhouse's) hosts file
Final Notes
This work I have done, was because I saw pieces floating everywhere. I can't say that in Latin... oh well.

Ob Duh
I won't bother going any further to explain why we all need to BUILD and distribute to others our tools and bots with which to fight (or disrupt ;^)) the crap which commercial sites thrust upon us, regardless of our own desires. It drives the message home to the advertisers' pocketbooks when one of their sleazy ploys doesn't work!


(c) 2000: [fravia+], all rights reserved