Adds words to the document index.

C Synopsis
AVSAPI(int) avs_addword (
IN avs_idxHdl_t idx,      /* Index handle (from avs_open) */
IN unsigned char *pWords, /* words to add */
IN long loc,              /* location to add words */
OUT long *pNumWords       /* number of words added */
idx The index handle.
pWords Pointer to the words to add to the index.
loc Location value to assign to the first word.
*pNumWords Number of words added.
The avs_addword procedure adds words to the index. A word is defined 
as a contiguous string of alphanumerics, bounded by non-alphanumerics 
(like spaces and special characters), as defined in the ISO Latin-1 
It should be called by a filter procedure, which prepares a block of 
text for indexing. The avs_addword procedure returns the number of words 
added to the index. Usually, the next call to avs_addword will be given a
starting location which is *pNumWords (the number of words added) higher 
than the last call.

Return Values
AVS_OK or an error code.
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